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Being or having to do with crap of gargantuan proportions.
Matrix: Revolutions was crapzilla.
Beküldő: Goofmanusa 2003. december 30.
Somthing that is such a big piece of crap, matching the enormous size of godzilla
That game was beyond craptacular.
It was crapzilla.
Beküldő: jack c 2003. december 30.
The God of all crap.
A piece of crap that has no equal.
That movie was the worse I've ever seen. It was Crapzilla
Beküldő: JCmg0194 2003. december 31.
A crap that is sooo big, that when you pick it up, you have the urge to throw it at the kid next to you.
In the boys bathroom I opened the thrid stall and I witnessed the biggest crapzilla i had ever seen
Beküldő: Brandon White 2007. október 30.