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This is a friend or foe that does something really crazy or just needs to be call this. Have fun.
What up crack monkey?!?! What you been up to?
Beküldő: john james 2005. június 10.
57 23
a monkey who likes to get high
you fucking crackmonkey!
Beküldő: Arfalarf 2004. január 28.
21 6
1.a monkey who is addicted to crack
2.to express ones hate for another person
1. hey kids, this monkey is addicted to crack
2. man your a crack monkey
Beküldő: jamie 2004. március 17.
31 18
Monkey on crack, or someone who acts like one.
"That Raul is so silly, he's such a crackmonkey"
Beküldő: Your name 2003. december 8.
16 8
A monkey who is addicted to crack cocaine, characterized by agitated delerium, feelings of restlessness, and exhibiting compulsive and repetitive patterns of behaviour, mostly in an effort to get more of the drug.

Scientists studying the effects of crack cocaine often use monkeys as the subject of their studies.
I must be in love because since I gave him my email address, I've been checking my email like a crack monkey.
Beküldő: Alena W. 2003. szeptember 23.
23 17
any of the indigenous creatures dwelling within the grody, unpleasant anal regions of the person. Agitation of said creatures may result in unpleasant conditions and relations between the person and their ass.
Man, you are scratching yo' booty a bit much, there, Buddy. Is your crackmonkey irritated?
Beküldő: Mr. P 2004. március 1.
3 3
a crack monkey is a monkey who is addicted to crack. he also loves to eat bananas and pie and lamb.
Look at that little crack monkey over there! he's eating lamb!
Beküldő: Dniworrom 2008. május 15.
12 14