Extravagant fashion generally dresses is a french word, couture dresses are very expensive and outrageous and it doesnt look good in everyone, couture makeup is also extravagant and outregeous
models couture pictures
Beküldő: XocoHeart 2007. január 20.
To beat the living daylights out of somebody.
" Hey bro, ya see that faggot that just touched my genitals? I'm gonna couture his ass.
Beküldő: Craggyface 2010. május 20.
Having to with clothes and or fashion.
You can be considered Faconable or a Fashionista if your Couture is up to date.
Beküldő: jester 2003. november 30.
to mean luxury
like fashionable
Beküldő: Kristi Leon 2004. január 14.
Slang for pussy.
Oh my God, I forgot to shave my couture!
Beküldő: J. Cooty-Coo 2008. július 19.
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