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Being chill, awesome, cool , wicked, amazingly great and supportive.
Going to the chive.com and looking at all the beautiful and amazing Chivettes. I was chiving some hot a smexy chivettes the other day before the dar was released.
Beküldő: Raboto290 2011. április 24.
68 39
to chill, to calm down, to stop wiggin'.
dude chive, I wasn't really going to steal a bite of your food.

Dude chive, there's no need to wig.

man we were chiving on the green.
Beküldő: t sauce 2005. január 3.
16 11
A sexual act in which a man has anal sex with a woman. He then pulls out and with poop on his dick bangs her armpit. The end result is a poop mark in the shape of a chive.
Dude I totally heard that Seth was chiving with Shelia and things got messy.
Beküldő: Jimmyhead 2010. október 26.
23 49