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A derogatory Spanish slang term used to describe the mistress, or the side chick.
"I'm his wife you're nothing but his chilla."
#slut #side hoe #jump off #mistress #slide
Beküldő: Derka915 2009. február 5.
1) to be at a state of chilling in which all your doing is chilling, and nothing else, except chilling.

2) cannabis horticulture in legal legitimate agriculture.

an acronym.
ex. yo dude we're so chilla right now.

dude i know.
#chill #chilling #chilla-culture #beer #scrolling
Beküldő: you know whho 2010. február 2.
someone who sits around smokin fat blunts and skateboards or is a bum.
I was chillin like all chillas should be chillin
#chillaz #skateboodin #smokin #budda #chill
Beküldő: edwood 2006. november 11.
Short plural term for "Chinchilla". A small member of the rodent family, commonly kept as a pet or bred for their fur.
Go and feed the chillas.
Beküldő: lynnmonk 2005. szeptember 17.
The exact opposite but equal to hella.
As hella is to hot, chilla is to cool.
#chilla #hella #cool #hot #rad #amazing #exclamation
Beküldő: Beyoncé_Batman 2014. március 28.
Hot, Beutiful, Sexy, Lady. Any lady that you think is FLY!
That is one hot chilla!
Beküldő: Cole Squire 2004. március 9.
Hot, Beutiful, Sexy, Ladie. Any ladie that you think is FLY!
We saw some chillas at the bar last night.
Beküldő: Cole Squire 2003. november 18.
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