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Good car
I love my chevy.
Beküldő: Samerz 2004. április 2.
a total asshole who thinks he is the shit just because he can play girls.
he is such a chevy.
Beküldő: gdfjgkldfl 2009. január 18.
A total player who thinks he is the shit just because he is a player. Can't make his mind up on who he likes and who he don't. girls stay away from this asshole :)
chevy is gay.
Beküldő: lindsie thompson 2009. január 19.
A slang word used to describe the affect ladies have on some guyz. Chevolet's mato is "LIKE A ROCK". If a girl makes your shit Chevy she got u hard. She got you "LIKE A ROCK".
Damn home girl got me all Chevy an shit.
Beküldő: Corey 2005. január 17.
The best damn truck/car on the road,

Piss on fords,dodges,and Toyotas.
Jim: Sounds like that fords rustin away over there.

Jay: Yea i kno i herd it last night to.

Jim: Damn i shouldv got that chevy.
Beküldő: mph/blm/sba 2010. március 27.
To gearheads a hot good-looking girl or an ugly unattractive girl, depending on your car preference. The positive or negitive use of the term also determines the meaning of "Ford" as its opposite. The positive or negative meaning is linked to the speaker's view of the better carmaker.
Man, that girl is a Chevy.
Beküldő: smartypants 2004. október 6.
N: the most badass mother fuckin kitty ever! born in the 909 and raised in the 949!
My Chevy will kick your Pepe's ass!
Beküldő: akkd 2010. február 4.