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a chair stacker, often intoxicated
She's a chacker's chacker; she stacked those chairs to the rafters!
Beküldő: Sean Q Reilly 2009. november 6.
Someone who is pissing you off incredibly for no apparent reason or in excess, used when you can not think of a decent insult
CHACKER tim was pissing me off so much even though he wasnt really doing anything i couldnt really think of anything to call him so i called him a "chacker"
Beküldő: mailmanofpleasure 2008. augusztus 1.
A person who attacks a network or system with the intent of covering up or finding holes in security; unless you offend them. Then they attack it with the intent of destroying data, or wrecking the system. A combination of a Hacker and Cracker. A hacker is for good purposes (by definition) and a Cracker has malicious intent.
A business hires a Chacker to find holes in security, but then tells hime he won't be making as much as promised. He then finds all of the holes, exploits them, and makes them bigger and easier to get through.
Beküldő: Roger & Eric --EIT Class of NDP0904 2005. október 27.
a snack in the chips/crackers/cookie section of the supermarket
im gonna go get some chackers
Beküldő: jewbacca66 2010. november 20.
a cute nickname for a pet chicken
"Chackers... little babers.. come here sweethearts" :)
Beküldő: jellyfishprincess 2011. július 29.
A slang word for chinese hacker.
Chinese + Hacker = Chacker
Beküldő: gonipple 2006. április 11.

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