the most amazing thing in the whole universe way better then anything that any other urban dictionary name says even a phillip! ck has the biggest widest dick in the whole universe and god is jealous of him. hes the best thing ever!!!!!!
phillip: hey look its cesar

larry: shut up! we aren't good enough to say his name!
Beküldő: ckthegreatking7 2014. augusztus 9.
the worst type of person on earth, usually fat with a small dick.
"whose that?"

"Oh, that's just Cesar"
Beküldő: Epiiiicccc 2015. január 5.
Usally a short blone indivisual with lowself of steam with a very unusual forehead size...tries to impress girls with his tight shirts on but he is really fat and not muscular has a small penis
Cesar isn't even buff he treys to look buff with his tight muscle shirts
Beküldő: Therealmeaning555 2014. március 11.
A person who is a bit queerish and that can be total asshole. He sucks at tennis and licks my balls for a living.
Oh man, I don't want to hang out with that guy! He is a total Cesar!
Beküldő: JRTee Man 2013. június 12.
mexican jew that is so cheap he can't even pay for the company he bought. when he gets angry his eyes bulge out of his skull and his teeth grind like clutch. he beats his chest like a gorila then goes home and beats his gorilla wife. he thinks hes a big shot in his big dumb red truckkk but nobody gives a fuckkk. hes got more kids than a sock got holes. he wants a fortune but all he got was a cookie in emily.
Employee: yo Cesar how bout a coffee?

Beküldő: TTom 2012. május 7.
A smug arrogant prick who impregnates his underage girlfriend and then has to give up his Ivy League beaner scholarship to come back home and get a job he isn't qualified for at the company his beaner-baby-momma's father works at.
Man, Cesar really screwed up when he got that chick knocked up, but it will be ok because soon he will be the boss of all these people that hate him at his new job.
Beküldő: Servilius Casca 2012. május 25.
The most controlling and manipulative thing you can be. He is usually a fantastic liar with a bad beard. He is unable to grow the balls and ask a girl out. He is a bona fide cunt. When texting, his usual response is "I don't know". He is a fake comic book fanatic and always gets his facts wrong.
Cesar: I dont know if I can come to the movies!
Josh: Stop being a Cesar!
Beküldő: Charlotte Arlow Barlow 2011. június 24.

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