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Chris Carrabba. Lead singer of Dashboard Confessional. Former member of Further Seems Forever. Large ovaries.
Dude, Carrabba has, like, the biggest emo ovaries.
Beküldő: looooser 2004. október 10.
taken from Dashboard COnfessional's lead singer, Christopher Carrabba, a "Carrabba" is a hot guy/girl....
Check that guy, he's a total carrabba....
Beküldő: Melissa 2003. május 31.
haha i like the one above me
Beküldő: person 2003. június 7.
hehe yeah he is fukin hot aye.DASHBOARD RULE YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
chris carrabba is hot
Beküldő: ME 2004. október 5.
very awkward performer on stage
man, did you see jessica on stage? she was a total carrabba!
Beküldő: emo_rawks 2005. április 2.