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making out; french kissing.
"So last night, did you guys candy?"
"Yes mam."
Beküldő: hardon 2006. május 12.
5 35
marijuana, weed, smoke.
Come on yah, they in the back eatin candy.
Who got some Candy?
Beküldő: Leihana Williamson 2006. június 5.
8 39
A man's genitals.

From "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"
"I don't want my new boyfriend to know about my candy. You know, my tootsie roll."
Beküldő: The Grammar Nazi 2002. november 11.
12 45
Male genitals.
"Do you want me to unwrap my candy for you?"
Beküldő: Megan Redhead 2002. november 11.
9 43
a word used for pot a.k.a weed!!!the best drug ever!!!
i got some candy for tonight!!!!!
Beküldő: whitney 2003. szeptember 27.
6 42
Beküldő: JUAN 2003. október 19.
3 46
Just another way that the parents can intoxicate their kids with something that the kids will like, excpet they put shit into it so that the kids will get hurt,and when the kids get older their parents will tell them on Halloween to check their candy,but they wont they will think its all a lie, so thye will eat it find the razorblade embeded into their gums go cry to their mommies and not know where the fuk that candy came from.
"Every1 Check Their Candy For Drugs Or Razorblades"(Timmy's Moms Friend) "Hey Timmy Dont Listen To Her Shes Just Lieing Just Go Ahead And Eat Ur Candy"(Bob Timmy's Best Friend) "Ok It Seems Fine"(Timmy) *Timmy Bites Down On The Candy And Notices Something Hard, He Keeps Chewing* "Ow My Gums Hurt Alot....I Wonder Y? "(Timmy) " Mayb Their Is A Razorblade In Your Candy"(Bob) *Bob Laughs Not Knowing Hes Right* "Hey Bob U Were Right It Is A Razorblade....Wat A Fuker Who Did Dis"(Tim) Fuking Friends Dont Trust Them All The Times. :D
Beküldő: Wentrot 2005. november 1.
2 47