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usually a feline known to show its bits around town...
hey candy i will leave your money on the table, close the door when you let yourself out
Beküldő: jim buck jones 2010. július 19.
1 1
A slang term for masterbation, used when small children or other persons are around.
I hear Jennifer makes candy every single day.
Beküldő: Steve Bobo 2010. november 21.
2 3
Another word used for tampons or pads.
Some say candy instead of saying Tampons, because it's usually embarrassing to say that in public.
Lady1: Oh no.. It's THAT time of the month

Lady2: Time to go to the store to get candy, right?

Lady1: Yep.
Beküldő: Yeoya 2011. augusztus 21.
0 2
A mixed assortment of rubbers,birth control pills and other contraceptives,jackoff sleeves,LSD,ecstasy,magic mushrooms and marijuana ect. that a band and/or musician toss out to the audiance as a reward for coming.
What kind of candy did you get?
Beküldő: Judge dredd7 2011. július 22.
0 2
Houston sang, for puttin clear coats on the ride
I got the 6 stittn on 24's with that candy paint
Beküldő: L- Frame 2003. október 10.
29 34
Extascy, Or a extreme ho that will come home with you after only one or two drinks. Skank, Slut.
Damn, Check that bitch Candy, I didn't even buy her two drinks and she wants to come home so I can put it in her ass. What a slut! I love Candy
Beküldő: Rob Lussier 2006. szeptember 25.
28 34
bright candy-lo0kin paint 0n a car
"i g0t dat candy paint drippin 0ff tha frame"
Beküldő: nisha<3 2007. szeptember 23.
9 16