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when you are pirate and you like to have angry butt sex with your mates.
Hey Fred did you here that kid joseph from the National Guard is a butt pirate?
Beküldő: tyler balez 2008. október 31.
11 13
A homosexual, A gay Man.
travis is a butt pirate with ryan.
Beküldő: picmman 2008. szeptember 12.
6 8
A person who grabs ass and runs away, much like a pirate with booty.
Geez Josh, you're such a butt pirate tonight.
Beküldő: I'm not a whore 2010. augusztus 29.
0 3
All people that like to pleasure a man through the anus.

Other nick names include "fudge popcicle" "Fudge knocker" "Faggot" "Gold digger of shit" "Poo packer" and "slimy anus cum smasher"
I hear tom cruise is a total butt pirate
Beküldő: brad, aka breezy, aka b-rad 2010. február 23.
3 7
A person who enters the anal canal during a sexual encounter without his partners consent. Gives new meaning to the term "Booty".
Sally "Billy took it a little too far last night, he said it slipped but I don't believe him."

Susie "You know Sally, I always knew Billy was a Butt Pirate."
Beküldő: Silly Bill 2010. február 10.
4 8
One who pillages for booty, and goes "argh"
Beth is a butt pirate.
Beküldő: AlRigoberto 2006. december 27.
8 12
A homosexual, one who engages in backdoor.
Yo you see those two froots kissing in the hot tub? What a bunch of butt pirates!
Beküldő: Bong Joos 2003. november 27.
12 16