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Used to describe something shitty.
That weed was bunk
Beküldő: Linz 2004. február 22.
slang; meaning wack or extremely strange, originating on a low rent island in Maine. For some thing to be bunk it must make you want to cry laugh hysterically or most commonly; run for you life.
Ex: you live in a basement on the island down stairs from Bill Green’s kid and a half goat… wow that is bunk
Beküldő: T-mack 1 2010. február 10.
Nonsense, utter rubbish, BULLSHIT.
Video games cause violence? That's all bunk.
Beküldő: MoonKnight 2002. november 21.
Something totally stupid, not cool, or retarded.
Your friend jumps off a mountain.

"Man that was bunk."
Beküldő: J to the C 2004. június 14.
Bogus. Not genuine. Counterfeit. A total sham. Illegitimate. Nonsense.
Don't listen to her man, that's bunk.
Beküldő: Zina 2006. december 13.
Low quality marijuana. In various songs and used by dealers and potheads everywhere.
This is some bunk ass weed.
Beküldő: Guy C 2005. április 6.
Whack; Boring; No fun.
Yo that clubparty last night was bunk.
Beküldő: dirtysoufnigga 2003. április 30.