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Confused, bereft of knowledge about a particular thing.
Bobby Bowden is often bumfuzzled about his player's actual NAMES.
Beküldő: Steve Kaplan 2004. december 16.
to be clueless of
I was bumfuzzled today in math class.
#baffled #bewildered #perplexed #certain #sure
Beküldő: jman1072 2010. szeptember 20.
slightly penetrated in the buttocks during sexual intercourse.
Adrianna was bumfuzzled after her date with greg
#bum #fuzzled #butt #sex #yeh
Beküldő: xtypi 2010. szeptember 10.
When a person does something so idiotic that you cannot even grasp the concept of how f'ed up it was.


When a Police Officer stops a vehicle and a subject runs from the vehicle into the woods. The said Police Officer stops another vehicle with a subject matching the exact same description who is sweating his ass off and breathing heavily. Put him in handcuffs, found green leaves in the floor board and seat of the vehicle matching leaves found in the same area the subject fled from. And the nephew told Officers the subject ran up to his residence found in the same area asking to use his car..... BUT LET THE GUY GO!!!!
What the hell was he thinking? I'm just.... BUMFUZZLED!
#confused #fubar #wtf #dumbfounded #flabergasted
Beküldő: TX-5OH 2011. június 28.
to be confused by a situation
Hey, I was completely bum fuzzled by that math question.
#confuzzled #bumfuzzled #confuckled #bum fuzzy #flustered
Beküldő: Lefty23 2008. április 2.
The state of being intrigued, captivated, puzzled by something--good or bad--that stays with you after the experience and keeps you wondering how you feel about it, where it's headed, etc. Definitely something that could go either way.
Did you see Lady Gaga's dress last night at the Grammy's? I mean, I get that she's making a statement, but what's got me bumfuzzled is that did it with raw meat, like real chops on her chops, rump roast on her rump. It was like "whoa!," but I'm not sure what it meant or if I really liked it.

My performance review has me bumfuzzled. I got high marks on everything, but then one of the comments was, "Mark is such a good performer, I can't tell if he's giving it his all." What does that mean?

I was at CES, and I am completely bumfuzzled by the new Nokia Lumia launch. I mean, yeah, it's a good phone. But now? I mean, aren't you dead already? No one has a Nokia.
#gobsmacked #confused #puzzled #captivated #curious #wtf
Beküldő: Sven Mongo 2012. február 4.
Completely and utterly sexually exhausted. Originally meant 'confused,' but this is so much funnier.
"Please, honey, no more tonight. I'm bumfuzzled."
Beküldő: DumbChipmunk 2004. június 1.
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