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n. a ruined chance, a devastating mistake

Reference to the Boise State field goal kicker who choked repeatedly and ended up losing a game to the University Of Nevada Reno, ruining their chances at a national title
Dude you just pulled a major Brotzman, way to ruin Christmas.

Admiral Ackbar to Luke Skywalker: "You've only got one shot at the Deathstar kid, dont pull a Brotzman."
Beküldő: theitalianchristmasdonkey 2010. november 27.
The man, the myth, the legend. A person who single handedly replaced the usage of the word fail in two swift kicks of his leg.
Dude, I just puked on her shoes. I think I just Brotzmaned my chances.
Beküldő: rae.diesel 2010. november 27.