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A best friend that you never see. He's always hiding or just at home.
Named after the infamous best friend you never see,

Osama Bin Laden
Mike:Hey where's Joey at?
Daniel: IDK man he's being a real Brosama Bin Laden
Beküldő: BertiCoosBay 2010. december 11.

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someone you never see and often hides out at home instead of coming out to party
dude why didnt you come out your such a bro-sama bin laden
Beküldő: urMA4 2011. június 19.
A bro who wasn't a nice bro. Barack Brobama gave the order for his assassination.
Did you hear? Brosama Bin Laden is dead! - Bro #1

A holy shit, this is almost as exciting as the death of Brosef Stalin! - Bro #2
Beküldő: aaronthejoo 2011. május 15.