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A best friend, a person that you tell everything to, super crazy, fun and loud. But when you go out of town for only 3 days, she decides to hook up with your ex boyfriend of like 2 years, when she knew that you still liked him and that you were possibily going to get back together. So we all refer to a hookup buddy as a girl named Brooke. Brooke=Whore.
Nicole: So all he wants is a Brooke?

Jeff: I'm so in the mood for a Brooke.

Brennan: Did you see that girls outfit, she looks like such a Brooke.
Beküldő: heyheyheyheyheyhey 2010. január 5.
22 98
1) A sister from another mister
2) One of greatest friends possible
3) Pretty hot, but not as hot as Iain :P
5) Little Miss Giggles
6) Queen of the Fairies
7) (Brooking) To masturbate :P
Unlike Iain, Brooke is not too cool for an example :P (i'm so mean!(

1) Hey Brooke!
2) You're a real Brooke
3) Whoa! Did you see that brooke back there?!
4) Not applicable to specific example
5) " "
6) The Brooke used her magical powers to make on of the best parties ever
7) Brooke cannot stop brooking herself
Beküldő: ICE2008 2008. december 15.
63 143
A dumb blonde, usually with 2-3 kids at a young age. Who has an asshole boyfriend or husband who is never arround and just helps pay the bills. usually is not the brightest crayon in the box.
"wow thats deffenetly another brooke"
Beküldő: Jayyyyyc 2009. augusztus 20.
28 118
to pull a weapon on an unrequited love
dude she totally brooked him in the mailroom
Beküldő: cgard667 2007. november 23.
64 155
A girl who is pretty much a dill hole (no not a vagina) just gullable and makes u sad. she calls people names like, "Taylor swift wannabe." and is really lazy. sarcastic and makes people in roleplays LEAVE or mail the co-mod asking WHY she is being so mean
Jane: I am ignoring you.
Brooke: Poop u suck
Jane: .
Beküldő: coooooooooooolperson 2009. május 2.
34 131
She is the biggest bitch in the whole wide world.
do you know that brooke bitch?
yeah i fucking hate her!
Beküldő: blackhathackaa 2009. április 3.
83 185
A Stupid little SLUT, Who is a clepto. She has sex with anything with two legs that walks. STD infested Cum guzzling gutter Slutt(:
Woah that brooke is a hoe
Beküldő: SporkSpoonFork 2009. június 28.
59 164