best one syllable word in the English Language. Can be used to a) clarify a point 2) show respeck or d) highlight something ultra sweet.
a) Whore-Hay: "What don't you get? You have to scream Punish. Punish. Boom."
2) Kerwin: "Dirty Chicken! Boom!"
d) Nuno: $150 bar tab?!? Boom!
Beküldő: the_guy 2006. április 24.
To make money from hustling drugs.
Man I boomed off of that dope homie.
Beküldő: A-Bomb TGN 2005. július 20.
what Jack Hamm screams upon hitting a golf ball with his Air Hammer Driver with Smart Shaft technology.
Prepare for take off in 5...4...3...2...1...BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!
Beküldő: Fusy Baby 2004. december 11.
a word used to describe someone usually a woman who has an incredibly large arse, however can also be used to express a back fat issue,although male boom does occur the female variety is much more entertaining can also become mega boom
1.hey look at her what do you think?
1.i agree, mega boom
Beküldő: ny1985 2004. november 28.
means cool, awesome, or fetch
ashley, stop trying to make boom work
Beküldő: ars 2004. augusztus 8.
It is to puff or toke from a pipe. Take a hit of marajuana.
Every one has to boom on the crunkle.
Beküldő: Rob Barrett 2005. július 26.
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