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n: (1) An ugly female. (2) Busted club chick.
What up with that Boogawolf you was messin' with the other day? She was mad hurt!
Beküldő: T. Double 2006. március 24.
A girl your friend decides to hook up with on spring break yet she's the most busted bitch on the beach. usually found in packs of boogawolfs or with another species ie. Teenwolf.
Damn Tom, what were you thinkin gettin dome from the Boogawolf
Beküldő: Moe Miggins 2008. július 30.
Very ugly person who just can't stand to look at
Damn! That bitch is a booga wolf!
Beküldő: Neet Neet 2007. január 7.
A very ugly person; something or someone very nasty.
Nicey looks like a boogawolf.
Beküldő: their worst fear 2011. március 7.