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A type of boner that a guy with small penis produces.
Aww, your bonie is so cute! It almost looks as big as a boner!...not quite...
Beküldő: Minatoro 2013. október 27.
The stage your penis is in after ejaculation. Its not as strong as a boner but not as soft as a semi. its a bonie. Or another word for morning wood.
1. I woke up with a bonie

2. A bonie is like having 3/4 of a tank of gas
Beküldő: gerardtb 2009. június 9.
a pretty girl, intellegent girl, desirable, also means sweet.

bonie=pretty girl
dude she is like so bonie, i should totally go talk to her.
Beküldő: lissa d. 2007. április 7.