The act of an unnecessary delay
Riley: "Get your ass over here and stop bogging."
Beküldő: philosodILL 2007. május 29.
Dogging in a bog
Yesterday, during bogging, an elderly gentleman was hammering his balls against my windscreen.
Beküldő: BoggingMySon 2009. június 23.
adj. unhip, outre, five-minutes-ago
Those pants are bogging awful. My father has a pair just like them
Beküldő: jaymo 2003. június 25.
Something that is failing.

To strugle with a task.

For something to wreck or on the verge of wrecking.
"Man this team is bogging!"

About to be pwned during a game " Oh, No! We're Bogging!"
Beküldő: kurt906 2009. június 22.
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