smoke weed.. (same as burn)
lets blaze!
Beküldő: jgrizz 2003. szeptember 1.
To go somewhere fast
Jus' gonna blaze it up the offie to grab some beer
Beküldő: destination 2004. december 9.
1. To tell a joke about someone
2. To get high on weed
3. A flamming fire
1. Aww cuz, I'm bout ta blaze you
2. Ay, we bout ta get blazed
3. Look at that fire blaze
Beküldő: LaToya 2004. január 15.
1. be cool or good
2. smoke pot
1. OH shit, thats blaze.
2. let's blaze
Beküldő: DUNDALK WHAT NIGGA!!! 2005. március 19.
being high/stoned or to get high/stoned
He smoked far too much and was really blazed.

Let's get blazed.
Beküldő: Xadie 2003. szeptember 2.
the act of smoking a lot weed out of a large bowl with a bunch of friends usually engaging in a social activity
Man1:Yo nigga you heard about that party
Man2:yeah nigga im bout to blaze
Man1:ight i be ovea den nigga
Beküldő: Jdizzle0018 2008. szeptember 12.
to hook up, to fuck, to have intimate sexual relations with a willing participant
"dude, Did you blaze that girl last night?"
Beküldő: Dudeeeee! 2008. június 13.

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