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The loudest group of people in a restaurant.
Those black girls are making my meal very unpleasant.
Beküldő: ednerdy 2014. január 5.
The best girls there are. Them and hispanic women. Because they have color, rhythm and they actually have full figures, which means titty's and ass. Most white girls don't have ass. All of them don't have color, because you're not a colored person just because you get a tan for all you retards out there. And most, I'm not saying all, but most don't have rhythm.
White Boy: Man! me and my girlfriend fucked last night but she didn't have enough cushion for the ushion.

Black Boy: You should try Black Girls fam, they have titty's and ass.

White Boy: Thinks black kid you're right. "Hyde, we're thew" "What's up Janiqua, wanna come to my apartment"
Beküldő: TreyKwon 2007. szeptember 7.
slang for a black gun, for example

you know we keep that black girl!
Beküldő: lildee214 2007. szeptember 20.
A upper class rich girl.
That black girl is so hawt.

I want to date her.
Beküldő: baceee 2008. március 16.
Nice asses. Bad faces.

Black girls prove the evolution theory correct.

White girls are prettier and don't have an attitude problem.

Most black girls are also willing to give anal to every man they hook up with.
Most black girls have monkey faces with the exceptions of Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger, Beyonce and a few others. The rest are only attractive (mostly) to other black men. Brown people and white people normally only mostly fancy white/brown girls.
Beküldő: Skialian 2014. január 3.
a common term used to define a loose, purple or brown vagina.
honestly, that girl i was seeing had a black girl
Beküldő: my bo0ty 2006. október 11.