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Bitch Ball, a game invented at Hays kansas, fort hays state university, weist hall, floor 5. a game in which you sit in a small room with chairs across from one another and throw a ball at the wall bouncing it around. If the ball hits someone, if he does not get it then someone must chuck the ball at him, hitting his as fucking hard as he can. The official BITCH of the game is the first one to give up and leave, the beat up bitch is the one with the most welts. The game continues for as long as you can take it. ( This game MUST be played with a sky ball, or with multiple sky balls for more bitch making)
"dude lets go play some bitch ball again"

"NO fuck that!"

"dude dont be such a bitch"
#bitch #weist #the big bitch #holy shit hes a bitch #wtf dont be a bitch
Beküldő: Weist 5th of 2011 2011. szeptember 8.
an interjection showing great surprise that one uses when he/she discovers their mate is fucking another of the same sex.
Ahhh BitchBalls, last night i found out my girlfriend is fucking my sister.
#bitchballer #bitchballist #gay #lesbian #bitchballism #fucker.
Beküldő: _J-u-m-p-S-t-y-l-e_ 2010. szeptember 15.
A person who goes along with plans to have fun until it involves commiting an immoral act, at which point thier balls shrink and they start preaching morality. Basically, someone who does not give in to peer pressure.
We were having a good time until the bitch balls qouted his mother, the bible and Karl Marx on why we shouldn't waste our time having fun at the expense of others.
Beküldő: Kung-fu Jesus 2004. július 28.
When a woman does something that takes a lot of courage to do
Wow, Jenny just slapped that guy, she's got some real Bitchballs!

Can also be used as a swear word, Ah, Bitchballs! I just smashed my finger!
#balls #bitch #courage #swear #bitchball
Beküldő: Electrowelder 2012. február 25.
a bitch ball is a person, animal or thing which has so many bitch like qualities, that you would want to ball them up and throw it at their face.
Lola is a bitch ball.
#ass-bitch #jerk ball #ball of bitchness #bitch face #bitch monkey
Beküldő: Drako the Dragon Puppy 2009. május 24.
Audacity, as viewed by a feminist woman. A man who degrades women without shame and is being a bitch but cannot be called a bitch because the word bitch by itself is for females. Women Unite.
Can you believe the bitch balls on that dude... wanting anal on a first date?
#arrogance #lady cock #man-gina #charlie sheen #donald trump's face #dilf (douche i'd like fuck)
Beküldő: peterpene 2011. június 3.
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