someone who thinks she goes so hard when she fucking doesnt ! or when someone farts and blames it on youuu, and embarreses you in front of sexy guys . also she says she wants to fite you but then , when the time comes to fite , she gets all are scared ! Lol (:
Kristen Stier is such a BITCH !
Beküldő: Jadyn , Kasey && Jayni (: 2010. április 5.
someone who plays or owns an Xbox360
Look at that bitch playing Queers of War
Beküldő: rawr17 2010. január 8.
a term girls might use to describe their friends affectionately
she's my bitch
omg i love her she's my bitch
Beküldő: ILuvUAll 2009. november 6.
when a bitch is on her period YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW
Beküldő: scary panda 2009. szeptember 29.
ass, fag, slut, whore, fagget, dick tease, whore, loser, weird, fucker, homo, asshole, donkeymut, ugly, sucker, slavedriver, something that hurts, a femal dog animal, a tramp, prostitute, hooker, drunk, spoiled rotted ass, slacker, college piss talk, popular in 2009 when someone wants to pee on your face while completely intoxicated with too much alcohol than you are a bitch.

negative asschime. slang used from mama's baby, when dillusional.

everyone knows the bitch, bitch. Only's bitches don't work.
Beküldő: europopian 2009. július 19.
Beautiful Individual That Causes Hardcocks
Sarah thinks shes a total B.I.T.C.H.
Beküldő: Amaranta8 2009. május 15.
Being someones personal property.
Rita's bitch is Reid
Beküldő: Glamourrr 2008. december 12.

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