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A very close minded person. (Kill em all)
Redneck Bill is such a raving biggot bastard.
Beküldő: Murderous Joe 2003. augusztus 27.
One who judges and/or despises others based on their physical apearance, descent, gender, personal beliefs or life style.
"All caucasians are wicked by nature and not to be trusted!!" said the antiwhite biggot.
Beküldő: T.Ractorhead 2006. november 23.
Used by those who can't spell bigot.
That dudes a biggot and I don't own a dictionary.
Beküldő: OfcoursethereismorethanonePaul 2007. szeptember 14.
A biggot is basically another word for a racist.
Damn KKK, full of those country club biggots.
Beküldő: OliverS 2005. május 15.
An incredibly Big Maggot
"There's a Biggot in my Salad"
Beküldő: Octopusswah 2006. június 30.
The majority of the Fox networks audience apparently.
My familys last name may as well be synonymous for biggot.

My SN on diablo2 is BiggotGenocide. ^_^
Beküldő: The Dalian 2005. december 12.
Biggot (buy-gut): A bisexual faggot who cannot spell, not to be confused with bigot (big-ut).
Why am I surrounded by biggots? That's okay; I love everyone!
Beküldő: Archie Bunker 2006. december 20.