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Finally getting shit done in D.C. is a a big fucking deal.
"This is a big fucking deal" ~ Joe Biden to Obama, on passing healthcare reform
Beküldő: Lildubchefin 2010. március 23.
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Acording to Joe Bidden, Healthcare Reform.
Joe to Obama: "This Is A BIG Fucking Deal"
Beküldő: funkyflashfive 2010. március 23.
Really impressive accomplishment.
"Mr. President, that's a big fucking deal..."
Beküldő: lwray 2010. március 23.
The same, but stronger version of who gives a shit?
So you broke a nail? - Big Fucking Deal!
Beküldő: Diver 2007. november 8.
When something passes Congress and gets signed by the President that will ultimately fuck the people of the United States.
Joe Biden said to Obama during the signing celebration for healthcare, "This is a big fucking deal!"

For once Joe Biden was two-thirds correct. Should have said, "This is a big fucking!"

- credit to anonymous caller on the Rush Limbaugh show 03-25-2010.
Beküldő: November2010election 2010. március 25.

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