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eyes that are enorumously over size.
one example is Scott Arrow they buldge out of his head like a fish
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. június 9.
When you are super hungry and EVERYTHING looks good. When you order tons of stuff to eat, only to find out afterwards that you weren't as hungry as you thought you were. e.g. "your eyes are bigger than your stomach".
Man, I was starving. I went to the store and bought a cart load of food. I had a big eye.

At Thanksgiving I tried everything on the table. I had mashed potatoes with gravy, yams with marshmallows, raisin walnut stuffing, turkey, green bean casserole, ham with pineapple and marachino cherries, buttered biscuits and cranberry sauce. My plate was over flowing. After having a few bites of everything, I was stuffed. I hardly touched anything on my plate. I had a big eye.
#gluttony #starving #indulgence #greed #food #eating #pigging out #craving #bigeye
Beküldő: jolenesdaddy 2011. január 26.
having big eye refers to being "in the weeds" or overwhelmed to an extreme level.
you're a waiter and you have too many tables-your eyes are so big you look like you've just been shocked. big eye!
#overwhelmed #in the weeds #inundated #swamped #besieged
Beküldő: kknyc 2012. július 17.
A street drug that makes people act like their aint a problem in the world.
ex 1: When I seen little Johnny was shot but didn't call the ambulance, I knew he was on big EYE.
ex 2: "Everybody got their own problems. When I lost my son Big EYE helped me get through the pain and still does... Don't worry about me."
#wipe #ogig #dope #drugs #weight
Beküldő: artifacthunter13 2014. december 8.
Term used when taking ecstasy etc, when your pupils are so big there isn't much colour to be seen.
"Woah man, i got big eye!"
"They're going to know your on something - you got big eye"
#pinger eyes #big pupils #dilated pupils #no colour eyes #mdma
Beküldő: LiquidZone 2006. szeptember 16.
Large breasts. Used to describe a large chested girl.
Check out that woman she has big eyes!
#big #eyes #breasts #boobs #girls #women
Beküldő: Paul2289 2008. május 19.
Used to describe a mentally handicapped person. Particularly, one with down syndrome. Noted to the extremely large eyes and droopy face that tend to accommodate down syndrome. Another politically correct term to describe the mentally handicapped.
That child has big eyes.
Honey, don't be a big eyes.
Beküldő: Svengali 2005. április 21.
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