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a: An angry ignorant person.

b: When a person is willing to fight or argue for something not knowing what it is they're fighting for.

c: A belligerant sort of ignorance.
Beküldő: Murph 2003. január 16.
14 4
A mindset that is both belligerent and ignorant. A person prone to right wing hyperbole and misinformation.
"Glenn Beck and his Tea-baggers sure are bellignorent." Or "Faced with the science behind Global Climate Change, the bellignorant denier got more angry and infantile."
Beküldő: Mitch Mconnell 2010. február 16.
8 2
the act of being belligerently ignorant or aggressively oblivious
Unaware of how idiotic he sounded, Kanye West became bellignorant when he overtook Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech.
Beküldő: gotmunt 2010. március 11.
6 4
A portmanteau of belligerent and ignorant.
He could only be described as bellignorant.
Beküldő: rdy2rkx 2011. szeptember 16.
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