a substitute for the cuss word bitch.
"what a beezy! that girl is so mean!"
Beküldő: robotdestroyer 2009. április 26.
First used by gamers then stolen by dumb ass "gangstas".
Ment bitch or noob... now just bitch.
(Old meaning) Fuckin beezy is nothing but a spwan killer.
(New meaning) The beezy I was with last night swallowed!
Beküldő: Jonas0991 2008. május 15.
The word "Bezzy" is a word which originated in vileijo,CA by the well known rap artist, mac dre which in other words mean: bitch or hoe. Without verble use of the two words.
that beezy was all on my dick then talked to some other nigga.
Beküldő: lil buck 2006. augusztus 7.
biznatch niggie
"when i went up to the bay this weekend all these wittle beezys were on my jock"
Beküldő: bittenichtstoren 2009. április 10.
a abbreviated way of saying Applebees
"Beezy's tonight?"

"Shit... Only if its happy hour"
Beküldő: J Stevie Steve 2008. október 11.
A Beezy is a girl being referred to as a bitch, that's easy.
I am very ugly, but I am going to have sex with this beezy tonight.
Beküldő: EmiLEe B 2006. január 8.
bitch, someone who is complete ar-tard.
Man you're such a BEEZY.
Beküldő: Susyy 2008. május 3.
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