Beezy is a word for meaning bitch if your mad. But when your aight you can call your tight friends that
1. Hey beezy, whats up?
2. Wtf you beezy!
Beküldő: rufey82 2009. március 11.
another word for an easy bitch, slut, skank, or hoe.
tom hooked up with that beezy no problem.
Beküldő: crackheadfosho 2008. május 28.
A word that illiterate girls use when they try and make themselves fit it. These girls are usually ugly, don't take their future seriously, and are a bit slutty. This word does not help with their social lives but they are too thick-headed to notice.
You get called a slut by dumb beezys when we chill.
Beküldő: dmbbtchhtr 2008. május 14.
a bitch that is easy
dayum beezy! get over herrrre....
Beküldő: errrrrr 2006. november 26.
Offensive term for a girl , usually used jokingly among a clique
"gosh you are such a beezy ho"
Beküldő: amanda c. 2006. július 1.
Does not mean bitch, it means Girlfriend.
Guy 1: "Dude, can you hang out today?"
Guy 2: "No, I have to take my beezy out tonight"
Beküldő: DeathlikeJaguar 2009. november 24.
a substitute for the cuss word bitch.
"what a beezy! that girl is so mean!"
Beküldő: robotdestroyer 2009. április 26.

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