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Caucasian people, when they tan at the beach.
Don't worry "beach niggers ", the tan fades and you get to go back to being caucasian people again.
Beküldő: omega greek 2009. március 13.
838 164
An overly tanned white person.
Look at that beach nigger by the pool.
Beküldő: JackBauerCTU 2011. március 20.
9 3
Someone whos is addicted to tanning, but does'nt utilize tanning parlors, but walks around shirtless all the time to enhance his tan.
My dumbass friend constantly goes shirtless on a 30 degree day becaus the fucking beachnigger thinks it will retain his glow.
Beküldő: Ba Fangool 2009. november 21.
3 6
A white person.
"Hey nigga luk at dat beach nigger ova there"
Beküldő: Jack Moon 2009. január 15.
8 13
Offensive term for Brazilians.
"The World Cup Soccer Final in 2002 saw the Gerry's (Germany) playing the Beach Niggers"
Beküldő: Kamen Cider 2004. július 29.
24 36