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the local high school that is pretty huge. It offers a descent education but with the people there its very easy to fuck that up.
bayonne high school: alot of drama
Beküldő: sdsfghjk 2008. szeptember 10.

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Bayonne High and the City surrounding it is the reason why the whole country thinks that New Jersey is a big pile of trash. The Smell of this city burns your nostrils and makes you vomit uncontrollibly. This High School breeds STD infested Guidos and Prostitutes. Graduates of this High School amount to nothing and live off the government. A fantastic stop if you are on a road trip. Don't forget to bring your bulletproof vest!
Look in a trashcan and you found the layout of Bayonne
Beküldő: We_are_the_best 2005. február 6.