Top Definition
A name for your significant other. Someone you have strong feelings for. It is more than love. You would do anything for that person.
He is my Baybee, and i would remove my values for him.
Beküldő: Shasha™ 2008. július 25.
Your boo or best friend! Someone you love!
You're my baybee and I love you!
Beküldő: Kaylynah 2008. június 13.
Caring, educated successful black man!
My Baybee always has his shit together...
Beküldő: Juistohven 2013. május 27.
something someone says... after seeing something cute
eee! baybees!
Beküldő: goodkittie 2003. május 28.
A mocking, usually derogatory spelling of baby used to refer to infants. Used by some childfree people.
Tracy brought her baybee to work today to whore for attention.
Beküldő: AngryReptileKeeper 2009. december 2.
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