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1.A recurring message spread through time. Seeing the Bad Wolf
means that you should leave wherever you are and hope it doesn't follow you. Though none have ever escaped the Bad Wolf, it wouldn't hurt to try.
Crap, a Bad Wolf, I should flee the country, right now.
Beküldő: Soudja Jew 2007. október 10.
A Bad Wold is graffiti in most episodes in Doctor Who
Rose is the Bad Wolf
Beküldő: Eric Sutton 2005. június 19.
When one male pulls his pants down and a girl (or guy) goes between his legs and places his pubic hair over her forehead. Creating a look o fa harry face with his leg hair around her face.
"Yo dog I just made my girlfriend a badwolf!"
"lets take a picture of her being dog wolfed"
sort of similar to the fad, planking.
Beküldő: fadmaster666 2011. október 25.