a hella chill gal's last name
first name then a last name; Jen Avila
Beküldő: angie 2005. március 2.
Top Definition
Weasel like characteristics. A deceitful and unreliable scoundrel.
we've just been avila'd
look at avila skiddadling down the stairs and stealing our accounts
#hoodwink #bamboozler #rapscallion #account stealer #weasel
Beküldő: Greg Gal 2011. június 5.
A very loving, caring individual, but also very sensitive. A beautiful girl and pretty in most aspects. A very different nature unlike the others but in a good way. A very sweet individual.
That girl there is definitely an Avila
#avila #avilia #st teresa of avila #girl #individual
Beküldő: guiles 2014. december 20.
A vicious epithet, it denotes a soccer player who completely neuters his/her own team's attack on one side of the field due to his or her sheer incompetent presence. See Avila, Eric
That right winger we have is such a total Avila. I don't think we could transfer him for a couple reserve bibs and a crab infested jock strap!
#avila #scrub #hat trick rick #spray dan #reject
Beküldő: Billy Quizboy's Eye 2015. augusztus 29.
A FUNNY YET QUEERISH guy. DATS leavin me and goin to Naples.Also can mean flyin bird or airplane!!
Avila is a happy man.
Beküldő: Vicky 2005. február 15.
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