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For some reason this still doesn't derail girls from loving it.
Girl: Oh i go ga-ga for an australian accent
Beküldő: mrfd 2008. december 8.
Not Steve Irwin...

Its not ok.
God Im sick of people thinking the Australian Accent sounds like Steve Irwin, shut up Media.
Beküldő: holly cow fish sticks 2009. december 30.
Its kinda like a British accent if that British person was a Rapist.
Australian Guy: G'Day Sheila!
Girl 1: O no Don't rape me!!!!!
Girl 2: Relax its just an Australian Speaking in his Australian Accent.
Australian Guy: Reckon IL be of to the Never Never To Hunt Roo,s and Wrestle Crocks.
Beküldő: Ronin_X64 2010. január 29.
sounds so awful it makes you want to cut your ears off

they sound like they have a clothespeg on their nose
'feesh and cheeps'

australian accent = retarded english
Beküldő: Radass head 2009. július 2.