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One who smells like a circus folks bottom end.
Bill Gates or Steven SEAGULL
Beküldő: Zig 2004. január 31.
Someone who uses this website to push their political views.
US inhabitant is a real assclown!
Beküldő: Scoomdot 2005. október 29.
A man who only cares about real drums. A man who dogs out people who don't have all the mics and facilities to record the real drums.
Phat Pat is an Ass Clown
Beküldő: 2Rain, Johnny Boy, Flerg, TMG & Alien Telegraph 2003. október 16.
bounce aka bobo
you stepped in the cement, ass clown
Beküldő: jeff 2003. szeptember 12.
one who always has his head in his ass...this name was given to a girl that was always saying annoying and stupid things
Jenn, ure a stupid assclown
Jenn the assclown did not know what she was saying
Beküldő: Suck my dick..tionary 2006. október 20.
Usually this is the guy in the group that tends to be a major dick so you call him an ass then the clown is just added on for fun
GUY #1:"Hey man that steve guy is a major assclown"
GUY #2:"Ya man, i am definately not gonna match bowls with him"
Beküldő: THAT ONE GUY IN ELSINORE 2005. október 12.
a dumb pud
the ass clown fell out of a tree
Beküldő: Steve 2003. július 5.