somebody who is a fucking loser
cory wease is a fucking ass clown
Beküldő: chris 2003. szeptember 16.
somebody who is a puff or just a bit limp wristed or even some scunners
Beküldő: sheepello 2003. július 5.
a homosexual male strongly preferring the tendency to have butt-sex with other men.- a fagle.
elton john's new boy-toy is a real ass clown
Beküldő: quarterstikk 2007. február 21.
A stupid boy
I can't believe I liked that ass clown!
Beküldő: Shaniqua 2003. október 16.
a total bitch who used to be a clown
Mr. McDonough is such a fucking ass-clown!
Beküldő: Shawon 2003. március 17.
1. A biblical fundamentalist or bible literalist who believes in talking snakes and philosophizing donkeys.
2. One who really isn't a 'god' or who isn't an official spokesperson for 'god', but plays one online.

My Chimp is obviously an ass clown.
Beküldő: The Vampire LOGOS 2005. szeptember 28.
v. to insert an object into another person's anal cavity, to that person's suprise and chagrin. used to humiliate and demoralize.

n. a person who thinks that ass clowining is a good idea and wants to practice it on his friends for fun. often correlated with having intercourse with microwave-heated cantaloupes.
you're walking funny coming out of the drunk tank; aw, they ass clowned you and took your shoes, huh?
Beküldő: terrero 2004. november 3.

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