v. - to ejaculate

(O&A Show slang, ca. 2001)
I went to Grace Park and arced all over the hooker's face for some bezzle.
Beküldő: KarlFaust 2005. február 23.
Top Definition
Advanced reader copy. A free, not-quite-final version of a book often distributed to reviewers or book convention attendees.
I loved getting to read an ARC of the next book of the series, but there were a bunch of typos in it.
Beküldő: zenzen 2008. március 13.
A part of a story line. Used all the time by the web comics Jack and Idiots in the Park.
The new Idiots in the Park arc is hillarious!
Beküldő: Salvatore D'Addio 2005. február 21.
A chapter in a story.
Did you read the new arc in "Jack"?
Beküldő: chem 2004. augusztus 3.
An incomplete circle.
A semicircle is an arc.
Beküldő: Keijiro 2005. október 29.
An arc is the internal change the hero goes through in a story. It can be positive change of character — a happy ending - or a negative or no change — which gives us a tragedy.
The main character on "V For Vendetta" has an arc. She goes from being a normal everyday kind of a girl to a revolutionary.
Beküldő: AutumnLeaves 2006. április 11.
Asynchronous Romantic Connection. A text-based loving relationship, typically characterized by extreme distance, time zone or life circumstances keeping the partcipants apart.
It's been a drag since Carina was shipped overseas, but our ARC is strong -- so I'm hanging in!
Beküldő: jayseeare 2015. február 3.
The male act of slowly backing up while urinating into a toilet in order to aim slightly upward and achieve a half-circle appearance of urination into stated receptacle.
-"Hey, you spent a lot of time in there, what were you doing?"
-"I mastered the arc"
Beküldő: MMAextremehumping 2011. január 7.

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