See anonymity
There are more definitions for anonymity than there are for anonymous
Beküldő: Kenthar 2003. november 11.
a nameless face
someone who wants to be unknown
Beküldő: fuck a doodle 2004. április 5.
Someone who wishes to remain unknown
News Caster ' This person wishes to remain anonymous so she doesn't embarras her friends or family. Back to you Bob'
Beküldő: georgia baby 2006. június 6.
Anonymous, ever ubiquitous, is.....wait, who?
Who is anonymous?

How can someone be everywhere and nowhere at once?
Beküldő: Anon Nymous 2006. december 21.
a very popular ud name
most every word has a definition by anonymous
Beküldő: Brad, Maura, Claire, Delia, James, Brian 2004. augusztus 28.
another way to say stalker, timid, or random
yours truly,
Anonymous friend. works for all three
Beküldő: strawbre 2007. május 22.
A group of cyber hackers that steal peopls passwords, send viruses, and attempt other crazy shit.
Recently, Anonymous went through a nationwide attempt to reveal the ending of the harry potter book.

Anonymous has threatened to bomb football stadiums.

Beküldő: Ikana 2007. augusztus 1.

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