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Anonymous is the undisputed King of the Internets. Any attempts to harm Anonymous are taken seriously, and will be met with fierce retaliation. Anonymous never forgives, never forgets, and has been known to invoke Rule 34 at any given moment.
"Don't mess with Anonymous."
Beküldő: Richard C. Mongler the 2nd 2008. január 2.
something obvious, or exaggerated, or a large number of the same thing together, coming from 'alcoholics anonymous' - a gathering of alcoholics.
ellen: wow, that pic is tits anonymous!
lalo: its not that bad...

on seeing a group of rockers
eff: ahh rockers anonymous!
Beküldő: SkinnyEff 2008. május 18.
An unholy, abominable juggernaut of black, heartless hatred, spawned from the deepest, darkest pits of 4chan. Encounters with anonymous are not to be taken lightly, and often result in death, and/or personal humiliation. Anonymous is numberless and faceless, and damn near impossible to stop. It exists to disrupt peace and order, and to sow seeds of chaos and dissent among the Internets, however it usually just ends up making everyone titter at it's virtual antics.
Anonymous: We are legion.
Internets: D:
Beküldő: Sandvich. 2008. december 29.
Term used to describe someone who has yet to reveal their identity. Also someone (or a group) with one shit load of definitions in urban dictionary.
Anonymous proxy server.
Beküldő: Gumba Gumba 2004. február 25.
to be unknown
I choose to be anonymous by anyone I don't know.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. szeptember 21.
Cowards. A bunch of neurotic idiots who dedicate their lives to sending you hate mail/e-mail and don't even leave a forwarding address because they are scared you will chase them up about it.

I speak from experience. A story I had written was criticised by some idiot who left his name as "Anonymous" because he knew I would chase him up about it!
People who are "Anonymous" suck, if you haven't got the guts to leave your name, don't say what you have to say!
Beküldő: Ash_K 2004. május 18.
See anonymity
There are more definitions for anonymity than there are for anonymous
Beküldő: Kenthar 2003. november 11.