Ass, or booty
That girl has a fat angus.
Beküldő: T-Whiz 2014. december 4.
1. A noun describing something that is sub-par.
2. A replacement noun for metaphors suggesting something is bad.
You kick like an angus.

She was an angus man.

That party last night was so angus.
Beküldő: DGD. 2011. szeptember 12.
A big gay
Look at that dancer over there.. such an Angus
Beküldő: zwub 2013. június 4.
(n.) A massive, dark-skinned homonid female notable for its diet of fried chicken, near-incomprehensible speech, and unpleasant demeanor.
"That angus is waggling her finger at you! I think she's gonna charge!"

"Taiqua's really been putting on the pounds lately. She's turning into an angus."
Beküldő: SmexyCitra 2011. október 24.
a very retarded dog
your dog's an angus
Beküldő: moerdt 2009. december 21.
A guy whose homosexuality knows no bounds. His sexual promiscuity knows no bounds as for he has many sexual partners. He is always described as a complete failure with no purpose in life wandering through it as if he was blind, deaf and mentally disabled.
Beküldő: angusthebeefyee 2012. január 4.
Dick, penis, balls
"Hop off my Angus"
Beküldő: Playax08 2008. augusztus 10.

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