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Andras are a lot of fun. They have a tendency to draw little furry (they really really love fur) animals in other people's exercise books when they're not looking. They are afraid of Germans and vain French people. Andra may mean "second" in Swedish, but they always come first in more ways than one. Aside from fur, Andras love high fashion, reality-shows and children. What a strange and mysterious person an Andra can be. But let me warn you, once you get ahold of one , you'll never want to let go.
1. I Andra was dead, she wouldn't be here.
2. Andra is sleeping with John Galliano.
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Beküldő: "Nietzsche is dead" - God 2009. április 6.
a funky fresh individul who has got it goinngg ONNNN.

she's amazing, talented, smart, and SUPPPPERR SEXYY.

she can be a straight up g, yo.(:

she's pretty flyyyy but totally down to earth

anyone who meets her loves her incredilby.

Andra is pretty much the sex.
Andras are people that love everybody and are loved by everyone. they are very artistic and express their feelings to people they love and can trust. they love to draw read and dance when no one is watching. they care a lot about fashion and clothes but are very unique and love to stand out and be different. they are very hot cut and sexy so you have to be careful with them. they are very sensitive when it comes to people but they are very strong and tough and do not care what people say or think. they are extremely good friends with everyone. they are brave courageous and bold and they will do anything. they are also attracted to boys named Joel. But more than anything they are extremely hot friendly and sexy they are the best people to know.
That girl banged like an andra (:
I wish I was andra (:
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Beküldő: Perfectgirl(: 2011. szeptember 21.
Andras is the greek word, which means "man" (the male).
Used ironically to indicate someone pseudo matcho.

What an andras??!!!
#greek #man #male #matcho #irony
Beküldő: grion 2006. november 27.

(adj.) - to act sarcastic or douche-y at inappropriate times in an effort to show that one is inconsiderate of the other person's thoughts and doesn't care.

(noun) - (male) unbelievably sexy, smart, funny, and charming. They are the topic of many fantasies. Always have a long line of girls after them, even some men, too. Often seen around fellow good-looking men, such as Raphael, Elvis, and Mac.

(noun) - that feeling when the wind is blowing through your hair, the sun is shining bright, and you smell the scent of ocean? That feeling of supreme bliss is called, Andy. He's the moon and the stars. He's fresh cut grass on spring mornings. His voice rings true like waves crashing upon the beach. He's got a sparkle in his eyes. Devastatingly handsome, he's simply the best of everything you can imagine. He's a dudes dude and a ladies man - everyone loves him. When he looks at you, you feel like you can hardly speak, you might even forget your own name. When he's far you feel like there's a hole in your chest, but when you really stop to think about it, you smile a big smile because he's the one brightening everything in your path and making happy days ahead! Andy will also give the best hugs/massages ever; Amazing all around. The top-most. Exceptional boarder. Excellent skills with bow, staff, and weapons. Andy has skills with the ladies, whether it's just talking and listening, or pleasing. Always badass, the best, crazy, hot, sexy, Beauteous
"OMFG András is such a douche!!"

"Oh gosh, did you see András today? So good-looking and hilarious!"

"Aahh I always wake up thinking about András! He's absolutely charming!"

"András is the best man! He handsome and crazy at the same time."
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Beküldő: tohg 2013. február 26.
Adjective: To act sarcastic or douchy at inappropriate times in an effort to show that one is inconsiderate of the other person's thoughts and doesn't care, or is just plainly jealous, using such phrases as "that's great" or "good for you."
"What the fuck, Joseph was being such an andras today."
#sarcastic douche #asshole #rude #inconsiderate #fucker
Beküldő: TheAndrasCreator 2010. január 26.
The presence of complete and utter awkwardness.
She walked into the school and everywhere she went she found Andra.
#andra #awkward #awk #anti-social #situation
Beküldő: bbcccat 2011. november 22.
Skinny she-males that can be seen chasing after rainbows, and frolicing across fields of dasies. Andras's typically have very large manginas. They enjoy the color pink and can be seen laughing all the time.
Bob made out with Gary. They are such Andrases!
#girl #shrimp #little #baby #pink #mangina
Beküldő: Lilly Samantha Bobby Red 2007. november 28.
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