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(v.) The act of drinking. A companion to the Om nom nom of eating.
Girl: 'I am so thirsty!'
Boy: 'I'll buy you a soda to Am Lam Lam.'
Beküldő: RovanMile 2011. április 3.
A word commonly ued by Kate from the katersoneseven/katers17 Youtube channel to express one's enjoyment for a drink. Much like it's brother phrase: 'Om nom nom' Also used by the Dedikaters.
Kate: 'Tea, Am Lam Lam!'
Beküldő: stormers96 2011. május 22.
A phrase coined by the sexy youtube star Katers17 as the drink alternative to 'om nom nom'

Used to express appreciation
am lam lam, I love this tea!
Beküldő: Serpii 2011. május 23.
Drinking; Whereas - Om nom nom= Eating
Pewp. Am Lam Lam
Beküldő: 111123 2011. május 22.