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75% (Ex)Creed, 25% Myles Kennedy, 100% awesome.

Very underrated and talented band. Great singer, great guitarist, great drums and bass. Go to a live show, you WILL NOT regret it!
Too bad Scott Stapp had to climb out of his hole and organize a damn Creed reunion tour- just when Alter Bridge was taking off. No worries though- once Creed (aka the Scott Stapp show) fails, A.B will pick up where they left!
Long live Alter Bridge! \m/
Joe: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

Jack: Dunno? What?

Joe: Alter Bridge happens, that's what!
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Beküldő: FunSlinger 2010. február 19.
The only good rock band actually...

Unfortunately they don't get so much credit because people prefer to listen to crappy emo music like Fall Out Boy or crappy poser metal bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine...
Alter Bridge has great vocals, great musician, great lyrics, great everything.
#alter bridge #kickass #metal #rock #emo
Beküldő: DreamEvil888 2011. január 16.
Probably the best hard rock band out there today. Incredibly underrated.
Their first album was great, and every one since has been both fantastic and a great improvement since the last.

Members: Myles Kennedy - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Mark Tremonti - Lead Guitar, Scott Phillips - Drums/Percussion, Brian Marshall - Bass.

Their first album titled 'One Day Remains' had some good tracks on it, but their second album 'Blackbird' built on this and was better in almost every way. ABIII (their third album) was to Blackbird what Blackbird was to One Day Remains. Just incredible.
Example 1:
1) "Have you heard of Alter Bridge?"
2) "No, who are they?"
1) "Only the best Band you've never heard of."

Example 2:
1) "Whatcha listen' bro?"
2) 'Blackbird by Alter Bridge, from their second album entitled "Blackbird"'
1) "What they soundin' like?"
2) "Here, listen to Blackbird's solo by Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy."
1) "holy crap, my ears just came."
person 1 now listens to Alter Bridge
#alter bridge #myles kennedy #scott phillips #mark tremonti #that guy on bass #hard #rock
Beküldő: limnophobia 2013. március 23.
A fantastic band. Lyrics are a bit shallow and pathetic for my liking, but the lead singers voice is so deep and captivating that it sends chills down my spine.
Some good alter bridge lyrics are found in the song 'broken wings'.

"On broken wings I'm falling, and it won't be long. the skin on me is burning, by the fires of the sun"
#for some good bands try staind #breaking benjamin #audiovent #crossfade #cold #social burn #chevelle #the exies
Beküldő: melaniemelaniemelanie 2006. augusztus 21.
A band made up of Myles Kennedy and the members of Creed minus Scott Stapp. They still sound pretty Creed-ish, but they're getting better. At least they don't play all their songs in the key of D...
Yeah, I saw Alter Bridge's video. It sucked ass.
Beküldő: BLARG man 2004. október 8.
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