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A small town in southwest Virginia that reminds you of that girl in your math class who is very pretty and sweet, but doesn't have much to offer beyond that. Young people in Abingdon learn to entertain themselves, because the alternative is just too terrible. Popular activities include recreational drug use and blowing up things they find at the grocery store with fireworks.
I'm from Abingdon. Of course I know what a tilapia with a roman candle in it looks like.
Beküldő: maryla 2007. szeptember 16.
A small town in Harford County, Maryland with a population of about 23,511. Covered with part of the Chesapeake Bay, farms, woodlands, and suburbs. Some people think that all we do is cowtipping and bathing in the crick, but there is a lot to do here. We have a movie theater, minigolf, tons of restaurants, and a lot more. Formerly known as Harford Town, or Bush, this was where the first Declaration of Independence was adopted. Always somehow gets more snow than other towns in Harco. Next to Edgewood, the gang, drug, and crime capital of Eastern Maryland. Home to Broom's Bloom, only the best ice cream place in Maryland. Often confused with a district of Bel Air because of its size and not many people have heard of it. Everybody knows each other, so everybody is saying hi to each other as they pick up their crabcakes and pizza from Box Hill Pizzeria. About 75% of the males from ages 12-19 are street skaters so that is not an uncommon site. Overall, Harford County's best-kept secret.
Wow! Bel Air has some pretty good ice cream!" " you're in Abingdon now" "wtf is Abingdon?
Beküldő: adlfjaksdfj 2011. január 17.
A small town in southwest Virginia, known for it's Highlands Festival each year. Living there makes one's life freeze or be permanently put on hold.
Please leave now if you don't want to waste it all.

Hometown of actors Gregory Peck and Ernest Borgnine, fashion photographer Jon Coulthard, film director Pax deChirico.
Abingdon is killing the live of it's teenagers.
Beküldő: chance 2005. április 8.
possibly the most boring town in britain, despite the historic buildings, since their interest has been cancelled out by the abominable "precinct" a revoltingly seventies concrete structure which smells of B.O on saturdays.
you really don't want to visit abingdon
Beküldő: genius 2003. május 25.
Otherwise known as Scabingdon. Boring dull, lifeless town near oxford. Breeds an especially wierd lot of people.
Oh my god im so bored why did i come to Scabingdon
Beküldő: Prettyprincess 2005. február 2.
A small town in Harford County Maryland near Bel Air and Edgewood. There's really nothing there besides grocery stores and a corporate center which holds the social security building. Nothing much to do at all, you have to go into Bel Air or ghetto Edgewood for anything remotely exciting.
"Where do you live again?"
"Where's that?"
"Northern Harford County, near Bel Air know what, it doesn't matter."
Beküldő: k.i.a 2009. augusztus 7.
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