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an acronym meaning "Average White Guy"
Look at that AWG, he ain't got no game!

::Point and laugh::
Beküldő: papaya 2004. október 11.
The acronym of Alex William Gaskarth of All Time Low's Name. Also used for Glamour Kills products he co-creates.
"Hey what's AWG?"
"Awesomeness mixed with sexiness"
"YEH! and he makes beanies and cardigans too!"
"But WHO is he?"
"Um...The best singer alive....."
#all time low #alex gaskarth #awg #jack barakat #punk
Beküldő: JoshAllTimeLow 2010. június 13.
American Wire Gauge. Most "code" wiring is done using standard AWG sizes. Larger the number, smaller the wire size.
This is 14AWG Romex for use in 15amp branch circuts. I told you to get 12AWG. You idiot.
Beküldő: Comlink 2004. január 18.
Average White Girl
"What the hell do you see in her? She looks like an AWG..."
#averagewhitegirl #average white girl #average girl #average #white girl
Beküldő: asaa 2008. december 7.
A disease commonly found in white girls.
Symptoms include bitchiness, Rage,rolling eyes, and frequent shooting down of opposite sex.
Today Amanda got AWGS and shot down Joe badly.
#angry #white girl #shot down #rejection #idiot
Beküldő: W.I.P. 2009. január 23.
Average white girl. Usually used to described something that is way too popular Or over played. As well as going with popularity of hipsterism.
Did you see Jenny's new tattoo? The infinity sign?...uhhhg she is such an awg.
Beküldő: Mr. Smekle 2016. március 3.
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