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Music group from Atlanta, GA with a rapper whose looks favor that of Nas'.
Ex. Yo, u see dat group on 106 & Park called ATL?
Beküldő: someone 2003. szeptember 25.
Abortions That lived
Stupid humans who believe they are above the law in the ATL, it has now been changed to Abortions that lived
Beküldő: Johnel 2005. november 8.
a place where white people who were known as rednecks originated from...a place where they have dirty children and swear they in the ghetto...i give ATL props for 1 thing...the girlz...holla..kome to jerz see waz poppiin...and umm since when did gangz ride souf...?¿?
teacher: CLASS!!! who knows where the 1st redneck from?

student: ATL

teacher: you are correct
Beküldő: Brayzii B 2005. május 7.
always timeable ladies
they always on time for us ladies
Beküldő: Mahama 2003. december 6.
Acronym Type Language. Gave this Acronym for the acronyms we use daily.
ds is part of the ATL. Lets add that Acronym to the ATL. Dude, stop using the ATL. All these Acronyms are making my head hurt..
Beküldő: Control-C : PE South Africa 2005. március 4.
abbreviation for Ann Taylor Loft
I cleaned out ATL again
Beküldő: buttercupgurl 2004. február 2.
a bunch of fucking useless retarded chavs that think their better than everyone. the people who will also be defined on here as a "spanner monkey" look it up! its funny.
John paul "I is from da ATL i is betta dan u innit bruv"
Shady Mc fuck tard "naaa mate is da real ATL i is gunna pop my dick in ur ass fool"
Beküldő: jamieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2005. november 1.