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Anime Of The Season
New episode of Attack On Titan is out. AOTS.
Beküldő: dnbdave 2015. január 12.
Stands for "Attack On Titan" also called "Shingeki no Kyojin" which is probably one of the most epic animes you will ever watch.
Beküldő: GiffyW 2013. május 30.
Stands for “ Attack of the Show.”
Happy tree friends are coming to AOTS!
Beküldő: Self_Titled 2005. június 24.
Abbreviation for the show "Attack of the Show" on G4.
"That episode of AOTS kicked ass."
Beküldő: AOTS master 2005. november 18.
An abbreviation for the term 'All Over The Shop'
"Hey Leon, I wouldn't mind a go of that Madjens, would you STBOOIA?"

"Oh aye! AOTS"
Beküldő: A-Blue 2009. augusztus 18.
"Among other things".

A simple way to add a touch of perviness to anything you say in IM.

Can also be used as a game-- attaching it to the end of EVERYTHING you say to make yourself sound like an extreme pervert who's either 11 years old, has little to no life, is bored, ect.
A: "His stomach, aot, is FRIGGIN' huge! Titanic-size."
B: "Ew. dude, tmi."

Best I can do.
Beküldő: Superboredperv 2009. augusztus 15.
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